T-Shirt and Book Cover Design Contest

This Years Theme: Strike Up The Band

It’s that time of year again and we need your help!

The Fredericktown Tomato Show’s T-Shirt and Premium Book Cover Design Contests are OPEN TO THE WORLD.

The two contest winners may be the same person or there may be two different winners.

The T-Shirt winner will receive a free t-shirt and a cash prize. The winning design will be featured on

hundreds of 2019 Tomato Show shirts, which will be on sale to the public.

The Premium Book Cover Winner will also receive a cash prize. The winning design will appear on 1200

covers of the Premium Book, as well as 1000 daily pocket schedules.

Entries need to include: 43rd Fredericktown Tomato Show, September 4-7, 2019 and this

year’s theme is: “Strike Up the Band.”

The artist should add their signature to the black/heavy pencil on white drawing. No color please.

Computerized drawings will be accepted also.

Submitted entries will be considered for both contests.

The winning sketch usually incorporates the theme as well as tomatoes in some way.

Bold lettering is a plus.

Entries will become Tomato Show property and may be used in other promotional opportunities.

Entries need to be submitted no later than June 1.

They can be dropped off at the Fredericktown Community Library or mailed to Fredericktown Tomato

Show, PO Box 28, Fredericktown, Ohio 43019.

On the back of each entry, please include name, address and phone number.

NEW this year, entries can be submitted via email: TheTomatoShow@gmail.com

For more information call 740-504-9342 or 740-501-1288.

Thank you and Good Luck!

Fredericktown Tomato Show | Description


The Fredericktown Tomato Show is an annual event that takes place in Fredericktown, Ohio the first Wednesday through Saturday after Labor Day.

Fredericktown Tomato Show | Fredericktown, OH Location


Fredericktown, Ohio is located north of Mount Vernon in northwestern Knox County, just 10 miles east of Interstate 71 on State Route 95. Click here to see the full map.

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